Children love the colourful themes of the Target Maps and enjoy working through the easy-to-understand targets. Year group expectations are clear and they can see their progress easily. Above all, these Target Maps help them understand exactly how to be successful and know their next steps. … [Read more...]


With Target Maps, parents are able to assist their child with their learning better than ever before. They will know exactly what is expected of each year group and will be able to help their child progress, step-by-step. In the schools that use them, home learning has become much more effective. … [Read more...]

Teachers and Leaders

Target Maps clearly show teachers what must be taught, and have boxes for ticks or dates for evidence building. The 'Exceeding' section on the maps suggests ways to challenge the more able. For leaders, the work to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum has been done for you. … [Read more...]

School Leadership

For School Leadership Target Maps save time. Our maps have been developed with award winning leaders from Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' schools. Assembling a working party to turn the national curriculum into child friendly language for every year group is time consuming and unnecessary- we have done it all for you. … [Read more...]