New Science Targets Mapped Out!

The new science curriculum captured in child-friendly targets for primary schools. Teachers and pupils can see the entire science curriculum broken down for each year group into targets or statements in each content domain including Working Scientifically, Animals including Humans and Living Things and their Habitats. Each science target is directly from the new national curriculum for science and reworked concisely, without losing the specificity of the statement.

Appealing Design

Each year group’s targets have been plotted on to a vibrant map – a colour-coded 3D molecule which appeals to boys and girls. Each science target is captured in a box, designed so teachers can indicate when the science target is met. Many schools also use these boxes to show when a pupil is “beginning”, “developing” or “secure”. View a Science Sample

Ensure Curriculum Coverage

With these Science Targets, teachers will know what they have to cover within their year group better than ever before. They will know exactly what is expected of each year group and will be able to help their pupils progress, step-by-step. Sharing these with parents will make home learning become much more effective.

Science Targets – School Usage

Maths Targets - File Format: PDF, JPG, WORD, EXCEL

These Science Target Maps will be under licence of your school to replicate for your own school use. You can print them as individual pupil booklets or as colourful posters. They can also be used as coverage maps so school leaders can be sure that coverage of the National Curriculum is taking place. Teachers who use them report increased confidence that they are teaching at the correct level in this new curriculum. You receive the maps as jpeg and PDF, and also have the maths targets in Microsoft Word and Excel so your can use them in planning or school assessment documents.

Try Science Targets in your school today