Summer holiday activities for all ages

With the summer holidays in full swing, are you struggling to find things to do with the kids? It sometimes feels like a long six weeks to try and keep them entertained and as they get older it can become even more difficult.  The things they enjoyed last year just aren’t cutting it.

And of course there is always the uncertainty of the great British weather. But come rain or shine we have put together a few ideas of activities and days out for kids of all ages. And some that everyone can enjoy.


Age 4-7

When children are young they love to explore the great outdoors. From the garden to a forest, there are so many fascinating things for young minds to discover. If your kids love nature, why not get them an explorer kit. A magnifying glass and a notebook and they can go out and find weird and wonderful creatures. Not only does this keep them busy but also gives them targets to aim for. Set them goals to find 5 new creatures a day, and then help them to research what they could be. Or even help them to put together a scrap book so they will have a log of what they have achieved.

Another great outdoors activity is a trip to the zoo. Not only can kids see the large range of animals that are on display, but many also have opportunities to feed a selection of animals, and learn more about their daily routines. Animals such as sea lions often do daily shows for spectators.

If you are looking to save some money then why not simply spend a day at the local park. You can take a picnic, the kids can play and burn off some steam and all you might have to pay for is an ice-cream.

When the weather is not so good, spend the day in the kids watching their favourite films and playing board games. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with them, especially if you have to work over the holidays, and the games will still keep their brains active.

Age 8-11

Many areas will have local activity clubs that kids can spend the day at. These are great for parents who have to work, and are a good way for children to meet new people. They cover a range of activities from sport to arts, so whatever your kids are into there is a club for them.

If you and the kids crave a more exhilarating day out then visit your local theme park. With rides suitable for all ages, and fairground-style games on offer there is everything you need for a fun packed family day out.

When the inevitable rain comes down, why not take the kids to see one of the many films on offer this summer. You can even make a day of it, and invite their friends and parents. They get to see their friends during the summer and you can have a relaxed coffee or do a spot of shopping whilst they’re watching the film.

Age 12-16

Older children are often more difficult to please when it comes to entertaining. They are beginning to grow up and become their own people, and don’t often want to spend long periods of time with the family. So quality time just you and them is often a good way to spend time with them. Take them out shopping or to a sports match for the day and show them, especially if they are the eldest, that they can still have one-on-one time with you.

Adventure parks such as Go Ape are great for older kids as they can face their fears and break boundaries. It can help them to gain confidence as they achieve each obstacle and can be especially useful if they are about to join a new school as they can build confidence to meet new people and learn new subjects.

As theme parks cater for all ages, why not take them on a trip to one with their close friends. They have the freedom to explore the park and go on rides that they want, but you are also around if they need you and can keep an eye on them.

All ages

Set the children a summer project at the beginning of the holidays that they can work on across the six weeks. It could be anything from learning their times tables to help them with the new term to re-painting their room. It gives them something to focus on and if they are school-related it means you can give them encouragement they may need to reach their next goal.

Whatever their age there are a lot of different activities and days out you can have with the children before September comes around and they have to go back to school.

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